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April 23, 2016  ~7 PM

The Retirement Sale has been going really well,
but we are ready to take it to the next level.
Sew....beginning Monday, April 25th.....



Until further notice, almost EVERYTHING in the shop is 40% off (excludes Clearance, other markdowns, fixtures, samples, etc.  ALL Kwik Sew patterns are now $4ALL buttons 50% off, plus there are some other markdowns as well.  So, be sure to take your time and look around when you come in! 

We've had a number of people who thought we were going to close at the end of April.  Not so....the lease is not up until the end of May, and right now, it looks like we will be open at least until the middle of May.  

Do we still have fabric?

Yes....we still have a lot of fabric left, including batiks, knits, wool, Kaffe Fassett, Kansas Troubles, solids, flannels, tone-on-tones, black and whites, and novelty prints (even Seahawks, Mariners and Sounders).   Below are photos we took at the shop on Friday afternoon ...

We also have a good supply of most types of batting and some notions.  Plus, we keep *unearthing* other items for our Clearance Dept.  There are plenty of store samples, shelving and fixtures available too.  (Some fixtures and shelving may not be ready for pick-up until after the middle of May, though.)


To say that the last three weeks have been a whirlwind, would definitely be an understatement....I've even been averaging 18,000 steps a day on my Fitbit lately!!  Your kind words and support during this time have been such an encouragement to me, the Retired Guy, and the staff.  All of us are really going to miss you, not to mention all of the fun, creative projects you've allowed us to assist you with over the years

And speaking of the staff, they have been my rock for the last month!  I could never have pulled this off without the help of the Fabettes....our RN Emily, who worked for us when she was in high school and summers during college, even pitched in and helped out, giving up her Saturdays and days off.  I am truly blessed with wonderful customers, friends and staffAnd for that, I am, as always....

Sew thankful ~

Something from the "Retired Guy"

As Carol's husband, I've gotten to experience the warm reception our community has given her and her staff over the years. After announcing her retirement, some have sent notes & cards. At the risk of getting "fired" as Carol's webmaster, I wanted to share some excerpts here ...

  "I am really going to miss you and your store.  Such good service, always with a smile ... thank you for your years of service - you will be so missed."  
  "Thank you for all the support and wonderful service to the community you have given over all these years."  
  "I will miss chatting with you and all your wonderful staff - your shop was so welcoming and friendly!"  
  "It has always been such a joy for me to come into your shop, chat with you, chat with all your gals, and enjoy the 'sense of community' -  that wonderful feeling of family and friendship ... thank you for the gift of your shop."  
  "Thank you for maintaining such a quality store all these years.  It will be missed."  
  "Congratulations on your retirement ... thank you for all your help with quilting and more."  
  "It's with a heavy heart that I hear you are closing down my 'Cheers Bar' ...  you have worked very hard to treat your customers as family - your Canadian friends will miss you BIGTIME!!"  
  "We will miss you and your 'Special' Quilting Store so very much ... your dedication and true friendliness will always be remembered."  
  "Thank you, and all the Gals, for all your years of hard work.  You will be missed!"  
  "I will miss you and your store.  You always had gorgeous fabric, well displayed, and good prices.  My best to you."  
  "Thank you for providing the atmosphere that fostered creativity with a special warmth ... your store has been my favorite place to go for many years.  
  "Carol and all the ladies - I am 'sew' grateful for the inspiration, advise, and thoughtful kindness you have shown me through the years."  
  "Carol, you will be so missed ... you gave us all something we rarely see anymore - not just merchandise in a store, but your warmth, your care, your kindness, your thoughtfulness and your heart."  
"Thank you so very much for providing 'the best material' ... thank you and your staff for your caring, gentle help."
"Your beautiful smile will be missed by all, along with your helpful suggestions ... you have contributed so much to all my projects." 
"It was always such a pleasure to be in your lovely shop.  You and your staff will be deeply missed in the community of sewing enthusiasts."
"Thank you for all your years of hard work ... you always have such beautiful, quality fabric, but even more - the best customer service ever!!!"
"Carol, you and your staff have been wonderful to deal with.  Always so helpful and creative with whatever I have needed for the current project.  To say you will be missed is an understatement."

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